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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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president trump launches fresh attacks on the fbi this holiday season. including on the deputy director who could be called as a witness. the u.s. slashes budget for the united nations. delivering on a promise after the u.n. rebuke after jerusalem. this as one country's follows america's lead. > . as you can see, she said yes again. reconciliation, something becomes new a second time around.
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good morning. it's tuesday, december 26. between rounds of golf at his golf course this season, continued to hammer away at senior leaders of the federal bureau of investigation. targeting general counsel james baker. "washington post" report that mccabe will retire early next year and baker will be reassigned as director transitions to own leadership team from former director james comey, but the president has attacked mccabe for running as a democratic in 2015 and anonymous house republican sources told politico they're investigating whether baker communicated with the reporter who broke the trump dossier store. the reporter has denied baker was his source. president noted the reassignment on saturday afternoon adding wow. tweeted mccabe is racing the block to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go, question mark.
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along with another attack. john miss tole who pistole who tweeted. this. react to the attacks on fbi and leaders. former acting cia director shared the tweet writing i've served in both democratic and republican administrations. seen strange things. this is really strange stuff. james comey wrote sadly we're at a point in political life anyone can be attacked for partisan gain. james baker stepping down served our country incredibly well for 25 years and deserves better. he's what we should all want our public servants to be.
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haden tweeted he was and is a lawful servant. suggests making donations in his . john brennen tweeted he was donating. competence and respect for rule of law. not surprised donald trump fears them along with the rest of the fbi. >> as we mentioned. president trump spent the christmas holiday at private club in mara la go in florida. last night tweeted i hope everyone is having a great christmas. tomorrow back to work in order to make america great again. happening faster than anyone anticipated. president signed republican tax bill into law on friday. first major piece of legislation since taking office. hours later the president headed to palm beach and had dinner at his club. where according to cbs news. he told friends dining there, quote, you all just got a lot richer. just to know the initiation fee is $200,000.
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>> "washington post" has a look at how the u.s. underestimated cyber threats from russia, finaling it final i finding it to be a consistent policy. included the 2005 launch of rt. that is the kremlin funded tv network. the real wakeup call came in early 2014 when the russians annexed and backed separatist in eastern crukraine. according to the posts, dated february 2014. documented how moscow created fake persona to get fake social media. inside white house room, aides pitched president obama back then on creating several global channels in russian mandarin and other languages to compete with rt. mix news and prowestern
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propaganda. president obama brushed aside the idea of politically impractical. considered brushing out a new order for the first time since the collapse of the soviet union would authorize betweening covert operations against russia. instead, they opted against such a far reaching approach. and instead made use of an existing presidential finding designed to combat cyber threats around the world, rather than specifically target russia. obama signed a separate order which gave the cia the authority to plan operations against russia. now intelligence officials tell "the washington post" that the trump white house remains divided over whether to attack. >> kelly, great to have you with us. do you think the tweeting could be seen as trying to undermine the mueller investigation. is that the intent of the tweets
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here. >> i think that's the intent. i think the result might be to undermine the entire organization of the fbi. now, i agree that there is some issue with whether he should -- andrew mccabe should have been in charge of an investigation hor had a lot or had a lot to do with the investigation. when his wife ran under the democratic party. if that was such a problem, why did they say they were considering making acting director mccabe the director of the fbi. i mean, if jeff sessions himself said the trump team is considering making him the director, they certainly didn't have a problem with him then and didn't think that his integrity or his professionalism were at issue. so i'm a little surprised to suddenly see a turn around on that one here. maybe surprised is not the write
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word. i know the democrats are flooding midterm races adaughters or sons the country. are republicans concerned they could lose their majority in november with some of the polling out there the kind of lack of popularity for the tax bill that just got signed. >> they are and they have to be. as mitch mcconnell pointed out. they lost a seat in the reddest state in america. after you saw what happened in alabama, they have to be worried what's going to happen in places that are less now. of course, they're arguing that candidate had his own problems. the fact there was such enthusiasm to come out and vote for the democratic candidate, and that wasn't just in alabama. we've seen that in special elections throughout this year. this is a president who is very particularizi particularizing. he hasn't increased beyond his base. he's got a lot of people very upset with how he's doing and midterm elections. when there's no president on the ballot, they tend to be a lower
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turnout election. revved up against the president and i think that could spell disaster for republicans. >> interest dog see how that plays out over the next couple of months. routers is reporting russian minister sergey lavrov has called on the u.s. and north korea to open negotiations citing russia's ria news agency. russia has been calling on the two nations to hold talks to quell the crisis on the korean peninsula. lavrov is open to brokering the negotiations. passed harsh new sanctions against pyongyang. tenth round of sanctions since 2006. new sanctions drafted severely cuts oil supplies into north korean and heavily bans exports and imports. give 24 month window for north koreans working abroad to return
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home. the world wants peace, not death. exclamation point. russia and china both voted in favor of the resolution. however the russian ambassador noted the u.s. was too focused on sanctions instead of talks and china's ambassador warned against tough postering and confrontation. pyongyang responded by calling the latest accusations an act of war. all members shall be held responsible for all the consequences caused by the resolution. u.s. announced it had negotiated a significant cut in the united nations budget for next year. cut the budget by over $285 million and plans to make further reductions to the u.n. management support functions. however, the amount of the budget and how it will impact the u.s. contribution are unclear. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley said in a statement the u.n. would noosity of the a
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people. the cuts come after voted against the united states recognition of jerusalem as the capital and decision to relocate embassy there. meanwhile, guatemala has announced it will follow the united states lead and move embassy to jerusalem. voted no to last week's u.n. resolution is the first and so far only country to follow america. it comes as two palestinians died in clashes over the holiday weekend between israeli security forces and palestinians. 12 palestinians died so far ignite bid trump's announcement earlier this month. one of the more, palestinians dressed as santa claus faced off against israeli security forces. pope francis addressed the conflict in christmas address calling for negotiate two state solution which includes mutually agreed and internationally
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recognized borders. meanwhile, pop star lorde canceled show amid pressure urging boy cots of the country. still ahead, did a passenger get bumped from her first class seat to make room for a member of congress. new reaction from the airline this morning. if you are lucky enough to get a whies christmas, would you take a white new year. what weather is moving across the nation. early look at the forecast for this week. stay with us. this is electricity. ♪
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deliver his holiday message to americans taking part festivities at home and abroad. his message was echoed by fellow word leaders. edward lawrence has more. melania and i are delighted to wish the world a very merry christmas. >> offered a christmas message of peace. >> this time of year we see the best of america. and the soul of the american people. >> that soul on display in los angeles. >> merry christmas. police at lax airport handed t
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out. >> troops around the world celebrated the christian holiday with a meal. the largest air base in afghanistan, say the coalition has turned a corner fighting the enemy. still it's hard to be away from home. >> i really miss my family. i normally would be home with them back in texas, celebrating christmas morning here shortly, but it is an honor so serve. >> in rome the pope blessed the crowd. he weighed in on middle east peace stressing a two state solution to end the israeli, palestinian conflict. back in the u.s., along with the christmas spirit, millions dealt with snow, from portland, maine throughout the upper part of the u.s., mother nature teamed up
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with santa. >> thanks to edward lawrence for that report. talking about snow, bring in nbc meteorologist bonnie snider with more. i think you have some snow in your forecast. >> yes, we sure do. yesterday we saw a white christmas for so many. today, the day after, we've got lake effect snow. doesn't look bad at this hour. lake effect snow machine really get cranking later on today. expecting 2.5 free of snow on the high amounts of western new york and pennsylvania. what's happening is we have very cold arctic air. gathering that moisture and when the colder air passes over the land. can't hold the moisture anymore. seen that heavy snow just downwind of the lakes. bands will be very intense and reduce visibility. that's where the snow is falling. what about this arctic blast. pretty much most people noticing it's a lot colder outside. only going to get more cold and more dangerous when it talks about windchills for the morning. this is the way it's going to
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feel currently throughout much of the morning. well below zero in chicago. dangerously cold in chicago. windchill negative 34 at this hour. the morning going forward, doesn't improve much. temperatures to get cold and all this cold air to push further to the east. look ahead to the end of the week, last week of 2017, watching for a big cool down. particularly in the east. look at boston. mornings starting off feeling like it's going to be colder than it is. one degree on friday. really cold conditions. elsewhere across the country, today if you're looking for the warm spot. down in florida. got a high of 80 in miami. that's where we're looking at the warm conditions. everyone else is cold. >> time to pack bags and head down south for a couple of weeks. still ahead. nba finals rematch leads to christmas day thriller. he claims inauguration was
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the biggest in history, russia is hoax, and claim as terrorist never happened. we're going to look at president trump's biggest falsehoods. back in a moment.
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simmons to the rime. harden in rhythm. looking for the clean block. westbrook made the steal.
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westbrook everywhere. robertson with the layup. great play. >> they get away and they actually got a piece. >> irving. stolen away by wall. . james said it should have been called a foul. drove to the basket trailing by three points with 25 seconds left to play. initially signaled cavs ball, but the call is overturned after the review and possession is awarded to golden state. the warriors go onto win this
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one, 99-92. turning now to nfl and the text y texans hosting the steelers. bought wide receivering antonio brown an extra week of recovery time. first round by in the playoffs. still tied in ten with just aurnd under a minute to play in the game. intercepts the pass. turning the ball over to the eagle offense. gets kicker jake elliot in range for the 48 yard game winner. the philadelphia defense adds six on oakland's desperation attempt. making it 19-10. for the final while the raiders playoff chances go up in smoke. eagles are now hoping
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quarterback nick fultz can carry them through the playoffs. >> got to say about the cleveland cavaliers, even the commentators calling the game taught it was a foul. kind of unfortunate to see a good game like that come down to a miscall by the reves. president trump turned accusations of fake news into a daily ritual. nbc news compiled a fact check on some of the president's most sweeping falsehoods so far this year. take a look. >> this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. >> the audience, the crowd was great. overall audience was i think the biggest ever to watch an inauguration address. >> it has press secretary sean spicer saying this afternoon, it is a long held belief of president trump that millions of illegal voters participated in the election this fall and that they participate in general in
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elections. >> when i looked at the information, i said, i don't think he did anything wrong. if anything, he did something right, but the thing is he didn't tell the vice president properly. >> you look at what's happening in germany. you look at what's happening last night in sweden, sweden. who would believe this. sweden. >> we're going to reduce taxes for the people. we may more tax than anybody in the world and we're going to reduce taxes. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports suppose tweets. >> there were people protesting very quietly. the taking down of the statute of robert. the following day it looked like they had rough bad people. neo nazis, white nationalist, whatever you want to call them. i don't know if you know, they
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had a permit. the other group didn't have a permit. >> those were just some of the president's biggest falsehoods. earlier this month, politic fact rated the continued dismissal that russia metalled in the election to be the 2017 lie of the year. still ahead, did vice president mike pence know that michael flynn lied about contact with russians. that question was posed to the president and answer or lack tlo thereof is coming under scrutiny. we'll be right back. get awesomely fast wifi
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i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. bottom of the hour. start with the top stories for you. president trump continues vacation at mar-a-lago after scoring first victory with the tax bill just before the year end. now setting sites on scoring another victory in 2018. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence has more. >> president trump at his mara law go resort in florida gets back to business today. set aside sometimes harsh language on twitter to send a christmas message of peace. >> on behalf of melania, myself, baron and the entire trump family. god bless you, god bless america. >> still the president not backing off the fbi this past weekend. pushing the idea that the clints gave fbi deputy director andrew mccabe's wife a large contribution. >> the president is saying we need to have -- we needservants
2:31 am
the honorable thing. and sell the tax plan into the american people. democrats say it will amount to a tax increase for middle class. president saying workers will see fewers taxes taken out of paychecks starting february. >> thanks to edward laurnwrencer ha report. between rounds of golf. continued to hammer away at senior leaders of the fbi. in fact "the washington post" reported that mccabe will retire early next year and baker will be reassigned as director christopher ray transitions to open leadership team from former director james comey, but the president has attacked mccabe for wife running for a democratic for the virginia state senate back in 2015. anonymous house republican sources told politico documents show communicated with the reporter who broke the trump
2:32 am
dossier story. denied baker was his source. noted the reassignment in a tweet on saturday afternoon adding wow. he also tweeted that mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go with a question mark. and attack on the donation. served as deputy director under robert mueller for six years says it's disappoints to see how it's being used to undermine the krebltd of t credibility of the mueller investigation. they're just going to go after whoever they can dig up any dirt on. "the washington post" has a look at how the u.s. underestimated cyber threats from russia. finding to be the most kintd policy. in fact early warning signs of growing disinformation threat included the 2005 launch. that is the kremlin funded rt network. real wakeup call in 2014 when the backed separatists in eastern crew crane.
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according to the post, intercepted russian military intelligence report dated february of 2014 documented how moscow created fake personas to spread disinformation on social media to support it's broader military campaign there. in the white house situation room aides actually pitched e o president obama to create several channels that would then compete with rt. proposed american version would mix entertainment with news programming and prowestern propaganda. president obama brushed aside the idea as politically impractical. after the 2016 elections, officials briefly considered bringing out new order since the first time of the collapse of soviet union would authorize swe sweeping operations against russians. made use of presidential finding designed to combat cyber threats around the world rather than
2:34 am
specifically just russia. obama signed a separate order that gave the cia authority to plan operations against russia. intelligence officials tell "the washington post" that the trump white house remains divided over whether to act. vice president mike pence avoided answering whether he knew michael flynn had lied to the fbi. recent report alleges the white house counsel don mcgahn new weeks before flynn's firing that he had probably violated the law. after flynn pleaded guilty earlier this month, the president tweeted he had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fib, there was nothing to hide. trump's lawyer later claimed he, not the president, wrote that tweet. and an interview airing this weekend, pence responded to questions about flynn this way. s i can you just clarify what
2:35 am
you understand how mike flynn, did you know he had lied to the fbi. the president said that's what made him fire him. >> i standby everything i've said with regard to that individual and every other aspect of this. >> when he was fired, did you know he had lead to the fbi. >> what i can tell you is i knew he lied to me. federal judge in seattle has lifted parts on president trump's ban. this comes after trump instituted enhanced vetting capabilities to america's refugee program back in october. follows lawsuits from two groups. which argue that the policy prevented people from several mostly muslim countries from reuniting with family living legally in the united states. two of tv refugees included the jewish family service lawsuit or former u.s. army interpreters from iraq. the judge's order instructs the government to process refugee applications with a bona fide relationship to a person or
2:36 am
entity within the united states. the judge states in his decision that former officials detail concretely how the order will harm the united states national security and foreign policy interest. in a statement t doj says in part it disagrees with the court's ruling and are currently evaluating the next steps. joining us from washington, deputy managing editor. kelly, good to have you back with us. we know president trump had a bit of a relaxes weekend. he's always busy on twitter. tweeting at about tax reform. do you think the messaging campaign is going to help sway republican voters sour on the tax bill come to midterms next year. >> i'm a little skeptical about that. recent nbc news poll shows fewer than 30% of rural americans and fewer than 30% of white americans without a college degree and those of course are two groups that tend to lean
2:37 am
trump, they only -- fewer than 30% of them supported tax bill. only thing that might change minds is perhaps starting in february, if they start seeing real changes in their tax bills. that's when the irs expecting to have all it will withholding rules worked out. i have to say, about 5% according to analysis are going to see taxes go up. a third to a half of americans think their taxes are going to go up. i do think some of that is the fact the media has been focusing on the fact this bill cuts corporate taxes and it hasn't focused so much on the personal tax cuts. although those are only temporary and that was one thing that certainly was not a big part of trump's message when he talked about -- when he calls this the biggest tax reform in history. a tax reform, when i think of reform. i think of something that permanently changes the tax code. this bill does not do that. >> certainly not for
2:38 am
individuals. maybe for kopcorporations. let me ask you about the 2018 look ahead on the agenda for the president. expected to meet with leaders, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan early next week at camp david. what do we expect them to come out of 2018 going after legislatively. health care they didn't do, immigration hasn't been done. what do you see as the big issue going after in 2018. >> they have a huge list. curious to see how they're going to work it out. each of those men has a different priority. paul ryan is still speaking about wanting to go after entitlements. he wants to reform medicaid and medicare. donald trump is not interested in that. after passing a $1.5 trillion tax bill, donald trump's big priority is a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. so how those two are going to work it out is anyone's guess. mitch mcconnell just wants to keep senate majority going into
2:39 am
the midterms and coming out with same majority. more looking at small picture hechlt wa. he wants to get little things done because he doesn't want to do anything risky. so how they're going to work out different priorities is anyone's guess. they've got a lot of work ahead of them, that's for sure. >> we didn't even discuss any of the foreign policy challenges that are still on the desk for the president of north korea. great to have yo with us this morning. >> thank you. happy boxing day. russia's opposition leader is calling for national boycott of upcoming presidential election after officials announce he is ineligible to run against vladimir putin. barring him from the march 2018 contest in a move that was wildly expected. the committee cited criminal conviction for embezzlement for
2:40 am
decision. the european court of human rights has ruled against that conviction and he himself said it was politically motivated. in addition to calling for the boyco boycott, also raising threat of protest over the move. use substantial street support to organize demonstrations against the decision. most of russia's political opposition forces have rallied around, he would have likely lost in a race against putin whoo whose approval rating is around 80%. the new ground broken by meghan markle's appearance at the royal family's church service. what queen elizabeth has to say about her future granddaughter in law. plus, record breaking christmas. report on whether more snow is in the forecast as bitter cold temperatures move across the country. stay with us.
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welcome back. if you lived in pennsylvania and you dreamt of a white christmas. dreams came true in a big way. record setting snow. more than 52 inches of snow have falli fallen in that city alone. more snow is expected throughout the rest of the week. how cold does it have to be to make the waters of the coast of minnesota look like a hot tub. look at the steam coming off lake superior. crisp nine degrees below zero. windchill of 31 below zero. made the lake's 35 degrees water look balmy. pretty freezing and will only get colder in time for
2:45 am
particular plunge season. let's get a check on the weather. meteorologist bonnie snider. you say it's going to be dangerously cold in certain parts of the country. >> so true. and advisable not to jump in that water. look how cold the air is. below normal and not typical for this time of year. 30 million people facing dangerous windchill. just outside for a very short amount of time, you could get frostbi frostbite. please try to avoid outdoors under these advisories. negative 45 in some areas. not only the cold, but also the snow. different location today than yesterday. we had the snow. some of the coastal areas of new england. lake effect snow. these are advisories you see for parts of pennsylvania well into new york state. heavy snow is expected through wednesday. this is going to make travel treacherous. a lot of people are traveling today, the day after christmas. you saw that video of what it looked like in a time lapse. what's happening is the cold air is going over the warmer waters
2:46 am
of the great lakes. gathering moisture in the air. remember, cold air can be t't hs much moisture. lake effect snow bands, are going to make things dangerous. potentials up to three feet. elsewhere across the country. here's where the cold is. one degree in minneapolis. 11 in chicago. thinking it doesn't look too bad. all this cold air is pushing east. morning hours going forward. bir first, taking a look at arctic blast. this is what it feels like. windchill is down inti negative numbers. uncomfortably cold today. facing the final days of 2017 bitterly cold. >> brace for the arctic blast,
2:47 am
bonnie, thanks so much. ameghan markle joined at ata church service yesterday. made first public appearance with queen elizabeth joined by husband, prince phillip, and prince william and wife kate, expecting third child this spring. elizabeth 91 and phillip 96 appeared in good health after missing last year's church service due to the flu. first time included someone not part of the family. in annual address queen said she was looking forward to welcoming new members into the family next year. set to be married this may. very exciting stuff. season of gift returning is set to begin. according to the national retail federation, retailers are expected an average of 13% of their holiday sales this year will result in returns. also say average 11% of returns
2:48 am
will most likely be fraudulent or stolen merchandise for cash. double the estimates five years ago, but otherwise on par with the annual fraudulent return rate. >> i got to put you on the spot. returning anything this week. >> i am not. i loved everything my family got me this year. >> very well done. well done. >> playing it safe as always. >> now to something else you can say was returned only to be purchased again. a marriage. check this out. >> love burns a new. our love was there it never left. the both of us felt lost. faith intervenes for me and you. i ask you now once again, oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, yes, yes. yes. i love you so much. >> so let's tell you the back story behind that. shared add few days ago of his
2:49 am
dad popping the question to his mom for a second time. he writes on twitter, my parents were married more than 20 years. divorced. fought a lot. went to work on themselves. years later started dating again and on december 2 2, this happened. congratulations to jeff and lori on the second time around. pretty heart warming. >> very heart warming. hopefully second time is a charm. >> hopefully so. the financial blow it's dealing to the world. plus, protests erupt in peru as citizens take to the streets over controversial decision by the country's president. this is a power plant. this is tim barckholtz. that's me! this is something he is researching at exxonmobil: using fuel cells to capture carbon emissions at power plants. this is the potential. reducing co2 emissions by up to 90%... while also producing more power.
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welcome back. everyone, the u.s. has announced it has negotiate a significant cut for the budget next year t. u.n. mission says it has cut the budget by over $285 million and plans to make reductions to the management and support function. however the bucket and how it will impact the u.s. contribution remain unclear. u.n. ambassador said if a statement the u.s. would quote no longer let the generosity of the american people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked. haley hinted future cuts are on the table t. cuts come after the united nations general assembly voted as israel's capital and the decision to locate its embassy there. meanwhile, gautemala announced it will follow the united states' lead and move it's
2:53 am
embassy to jerusalem. guatemala, which voted no to the u.n. resolution, condemning president trump's nbc decision is the first and so far only country to follow america's lead. it comes as they died in clashes over the weekend. 12 palestinians have reportedly died so far in violence ignited by trump's announcement earlier this month in one of the more surreal protests if bethlehem, palestinians dressed as santa claus, faced off against israeli security forces and pope francis addressed the traditional address, calling for a negotiated two-state solution which includes a mutually agreed an international border. pop star lorde captured pressure from anti-israeli activists urging boycotts of that country at least six people are dead following a suicide bomb physical kabul on christmas day. isis has claimed responsibility. but as always offered no proof
2:54 am
t. victims all are reportedly civilians. it happened near an afghan intelligence service office. it comes one week after a different attack on a training facility from the same agency, which isis also claimed credit for u.s. official versus announce thad the trump administration is set to provide lethal weapons to ukraine. the state department spokesperson says the decision is mant eant to help defend its sovereignty and integrity and defer further aggression, adding quote the u.s. assistance entirely defensive if nature. now the a. p. reports amongst the weaponry are anti-tank missile, long sought by kiev to defend against russian tanks that have insteadly rolled through eastern ukraine since 2014. it comes as the conflict on you the craneian-russian border continues to intensify, with fighting up 60% according to kaex rex tillerson, an estimated
2:55 am
10,000 have died in the fight in the past three years,tives sparked by russia's annexation of crimea. the u.s. has quote crossed the line while senator john mccain praised the plan, adding it quote marks another step in the right direction. >> taken oversea, protesters clashed as demonstrators took to the streets to announce a decision by the president over the country's former leader. this it was scene in lima yesterday. as citizens marched and can'ted before the demonstrations took a violent turn. in fact the marches come in the wave of the president's decision to grant medical pardon to the jailed former president hunew jersey -- president fujimora. he suffers a dejen rat incurrable disease and prison is
2:56 am
a bad thing for his life t. storm unleashed landslides over the weekend in vietnam, storm tembin. officials say the storm strength wered into a typhoon before slamming into the philippines on sunday. more than 100 were forced into evacuation centers. coming up, much more on president trump taking time out of his holiday celebrations to take new shots against senior leaders of the fbi as his feud with the agency continues the fooul full details, how the president's latest remarks could factor into the russian probe. my colleague chris jansing do i understand me all of that and all the other top stories in less than three minutes. stay with us. zplmpl
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2:59 am
zplmplts. >> good morning, everyone, it's tuesday, december 26, we hope everyone had a very merry christmas. morning joe will be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. >> ayman and i will take you
3:00 am
through the next few hours. we have from the george w. bush state department, a distributor to "time pittsburgh" magazine. elise jordan we have a look at how the u.s. underestimated cyber threats from russia, finding inaction to be the most inaction policy. they included a 2005 launch of r rt. the kremlin network, came in 2014 when they backed separate its and eastern ukraine. an intercepted russian military report dated february, 2014, documented how moscow created fake person is thats on social media to support its broader military campaign. in the white house situation room in the spring of 2014,


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